WONKY BOARD (all-rounder)


The all-rounder is a fun way to train your balance, coordination and muscle memory for all levels of board riders. This board is our most sensitive balance board which means less stability but more response. This is our most versatile Wonkyboard and the most popular balance board.

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The Wonkyboard balance board is unique and different from other balance trainers, as it allows you to train your body’s center of gravity “proprioception”. This is an essential skill in sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and others alike. In these sports the boards tilt to the side, therefore the body’s center of gravity must be exactly in the center of the board in order to have full control. The ‘All-Rounder’ board is about 78 cm long, 39cm wide and features a 25cm roll (12cm diameter)

The board features fantastic turning characteristics, perfect for first time wonkers. A versatile and agile training device for all sports that require mobility and skill. Especially suited for surfers.

Feel free to contact our team to find out if this board is the right board for you!


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